With more than 30 years' experience in furniture upholstery and repairs, The Upholstery Centre in Berkely Vale is your domestic and commercial furniture restoration specialist. We reupholster and restore all types of furniture, from your treasured antiques to that comfortable old leather couch that you can't bear to throw away.

With a wide range of fabrics available, as well as leather and vinyl, we can breathe new life into your much loved furniture. We are also the Central Coast's largest supplier of spare parts, fabrics, leather, vinyl and accessories for DIY furniture repairs and maintenance.

If you're interested in having a piece of furniture remodelled to create a striking feature in your home or business, you can trust our experienced upholsterers to complete the project to the highest standard.

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Antique Furniture Repairs

We specialise in restoring your antiques to their former glory. Our experienced Berkely Vale upholsterers can undertake all of your antique furniture repair and restoration needs.

Custom Upholstery

Custom-upholstery specialists, we can re-upholster or remodel your furniture to your exact specifications with a comprehensive selection of fabrics and materials available.

Materials & Spare Parts

We can supply a complete range of Central Coast upholstery and furniture restoration materials and spare parts. Contact us if you have any queries on materials and spare parts.

Commercial Work

Enhance the interior of your business by having your furniture re-upholstered or remodelled. We can undertake your total commercial upholstery needs.

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